Captains of Industry Dinner with the Mayor

Last weekend I had the honour of joint hosting the Captains of Industry Dinner with The Right Worshipful Mayor of Hereford, Anna Toon.

The Town Hall is a splendid building and some would argue under-used.
From a reception in the Mayors parlour through to dinner in the City Council Chamber the whole evening was a delight.

There were a number of key points from the evening beyond having an enjoyable evening.

Firstly, it demonstrated to some key businesses that the Town Hall is accessible and should be seen as such when considering outside investment into the Hereford economy.  It is an asset and should be used to benefit Hereford and its workforce.  Secondly, the commitment of our Mayor, Cllr Toon to the Hereford cause.  While we have Councilors keen to bring businesses together we should work with them to make the City all it can be.
Finally it was a great reminder of the diverse and vibrant business we have in the County with a real strength in manufacturing and construction.

A very enjoyable and positive evening.  Thank you Madam Mayor.

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