Hereford City Forum – Council procurement

We had a terrific session of the Hereford City Forum last night bringing businesses from across the city together with members of Herefordshire Council.

I’ve chaired the Forum for around 18 months now and it did seem like groundhog day when discussing pay on exit parking and signage around the city but at least we have coach parking provision for tourist coaches at the leisure pool being completed by Amey later this month.  On pay on exit, it’s a huge frustration that pedestrian exits have been closed in Maylords making it a long walk for some shoppers, but hopefully this will change for the better.

Encouragingly though, on local authority procurement, Herefordshire council will be working with the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce to deliver a conference and workshop event to make it clearer for local businesses as to how to do business with the council – and for that matter other public sector organisations.  In three separate sessions – the City Forum, Presidents and CEO’s of West Midlands Chambers and in a meeting with Bill Wiggin, the same messages are coming through.  Where possible the private sector will be encouraged to deliver those services that were previously thought of as public sector.  It’s widely recognised that where private sector organisations are brought in there are savings and quality improvements.  I would add to that the real benefits of local sourcing.

Please let me know if you would like to be invited to the procurement event as if we can help the council to increase its local sourcing and improved outsourcing, we really can make a difference to the economy of the County.

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