Anti Cuts Protest

Anti cuts protest march has 250,000  in London.   That’s the headline in the news.
I remember both joining and leading protests of various forms in the past.
For this subject, at this time however, I’m confused.  My question is: What’s the alternative?
Is it better to get private sector thinking into public sector services?  Certainly there are salaries well out of line with skills and experience that would not be sustainable in the private sector.
Is it better to engage with the populace in consultation to identify savings and cut wastage?
Or is it better to carry on spending £120m per day servicing a debt when we spend £95m on schools, £35m on the police and £25m per day on care for the elderly?

Surely we have to change?   Perhaps the coalition and it’s supporters need to be more creative.  Perhaps those against cuts also need to be creative in forming alternative proposals to cuts.

It may just be a communication issue.  But in the end, isn’t everything?

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