Hotel Loyalty Scheme Case Studies with focus on the Middle East

Few people would disagree that the last two or three years have been incredibly challenging for the hotel industry. However, it’s during such times that creativity and innovation come to the forefront to answer the question ‘how can we fill our hotel?’
For many hotel chains, the loyalty programme is an integral part of the answer and the Middle East has witnessed a variety of initiatives for generating repeat business in 2011. These range from some chains introducing an existing programme to the region to extending a programme to go beyond the rooms segment to capture and reward non-residential spend. While such initiatives are applaudable, at the end of the day, it’s all about results, which are measured in a variety of ways depending on the objective.
Christophe Landais, managing director for Accor Middle East explains the strategy and measurement criteria for Accor’s A|Club: “The main strategy is focused on three objectives: to raise awareness of the programme within the region, recruit additional members and strengthen the loyalty of our clients by developing repeated business. We measure our success with the progression of the number of members we have, which will reach 8 million worldwide by the end of 2011 and also by the number of active members, representing 41% as of November 2011.  Full Story HERE

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