My time at the naked creative – Maddie Phillips, at the naked creative for work experience.


Before I arrived at the naked creative, I was a bit nervous, but not too much as I had been there before for a pre-placement interview. I felt comfortable and happy.

I arrived early and was sure that I knew where the office was previously. I sat in the briefing area and my employer for the week, Graham went through the health and safety checklist with me first. I was told not to go into the back room, and was welcome to make myself and anyone else a drink.

Because it’s a small team, I felt more able to get on with everyone: Graham, Deb, Lisa and Brett.  We all worked in the same area, apart from halfway through the week when I moved to the other side of the office because there was more space for me to draw and have other pieces of work around me.

Everyone should have a CV
I created a CV using Microsoft Word on the iMac, then reviewed it with Graham. I made a few minor adjustments, like putting my aims at the top, because that’s what potential employers want to know. I then designed a (potential) loyalty card for DZG (Dudley Zoological Gardens), and decided who the card would be aimed at. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my first day.

Again, I arrived five minutes early and immediately carried on with what I was doing on Monday. I then reviewed all my progress so far, and began designing a webpage for the loyalty card. Afterwards, I neatly drew out the card ready for the presentation that afternoon. The other people at the naked creative were going to Dudley Zoo for a pitch. Unfortunately, due to insurance and safety, I was not able to participate in this trip. Before they left, I wished them all luck.

The next day, I arrived earlier than usual, but got on with my work. Deb gave me a tutorial quickly on Adobe Illustrator. I was new to the software because I am used to using Serif WebPlus. I really enjoy AI because I am able to look into more design aspects, which I am not able to do in WebPlus. I was also shown how to use PhotoShop, which proved very useful, as I had to use it in my work every day for the rest of the week.

Grooveshark and the nakedDJ
I continued with the designs I had been doing on Wednesday and put all of my annotated drawings onto the iMac, exactly how I had wanted them to look. I was also introduced to Grooveshark, an online site that allows you to create music playlists. I used the nakedDJ account, but I have now created my own and I’m sure I will be using it frequently!

Blessed are the Tea Makers…
Over the week, I learned a lot about the programmes used in the communications and marketing industry. I also learned that there is a lot of tea making involved!

Below is the playlist I created during the week, I hope you enjoy it.