16 years and still naked

With our business anniversary today, 9th September it’s a huge thanks to all the clients that have worked with the naked creative team since 1998.  It’s been an interesting journey with more highs than lows – looking forward to keeping it that way!

DSCN8260 Deb & Brett giftsWe are really proud of the improvements that have been made over the last 12 months across all services but particularly in relation to Brett’s leadership in web hosting, cyber security, SEO and the changes Lisa has made leading on accounts services.

Sometimes we have reminders of just how lovely our clients are.  This week it’s a big thank you from Deb to Jesse Norman and Brett to Your Oven and Aga Cleaning from Ross-on-Wye.  All gifts welcome of course but these flowers and chocolates have brightened our week.
Now, what’s next?