Bring out the Branston… Beanz Meanz Heinz..HP, they’re the Beans for me!

Bring out the branstonEvery sector has it’s market leader, then there are challengers – price being a major battleground. It’s not always just price though. The support for brands such as HP (in sauce) or Heinz in beans is huge. People even use it to define themselves – “I’ll only eat Heinz Beans”. Well, here’s the news; There are alternatives. In beans, HP (not just fruity sauce) are currently selling in Poundland at 3 tins for £1.00 or 24 for £7.00!

Own brand beans are everywhere and of course Branston Beans are a great brand diversification. A jar of Branston pickle will sit in the cupboard a lot longer than a tin of beans. So is it time to Bring out the Branston, do Beanz Meanz Heinz or are you firmly; HP they’re the Beans for me!

As an aside, just for those that are interested, HP is actually a Heinz brand aimed at the market sitting between own brand and the premium priced Heinz.  It used to be owned by Premier Foods. When Heinz took the HP licence in 2006, Premier Foods launched Branston Beans – the Branston brand has since been sold to the Japanese manufacturer Mizkan. Other bean brands are available.

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