Windmill Hill Fruits  – a great client that we have helped with branding, the web, photography and retail packs have been shortlisted in the HEFF Diamond Awards 2011 for Marvilla Rasperries and Jubilee Strawberries – – Fresh Produce Category). What a great way to finish another busy week at the naked creative.

Following the release of the Customer Strategy Network new website earlier this week, there are groups to join on both Linkedin and Facebook.  If you have difficulty finding either then please contact Graham Biggs at the naked creative or any of the members listed on the website – The Customer Strategy Network is a professional organization comprised of recognized […]

The new site for the Customer Strategy Network is now on-line at  I’m really pleased to be a member of the customer strategy network sharing space with Mike Atkin, Bill Hanifin, Graeme Thomson and Richard Philips amongst others. Members of this group have experience across all verticals and have been involved in virtually every significant loyalty programme since the […]

I thought it worthwhile sharing the message this week from the British Chambers of Commerce ahead of the Bank of England meeting to consider interest rates and the Chamber of Commerce annual conference: The UK economy has returned to positive growth, but  the recovery remains fragile as the increase in VAT and spending cuts begin to bite. That’s the conclusion […]

As other Chamber Presidents from Chambers of Commerce across the UK, I’m looking forward to next week and the BCC annual Conference this year at  Church House. The theme will be ‘Delivering a Year for Growth’ and will launch campaigns for 2011. With speakers George Osborne, Vince Cable, Ed Milliband and Eric Pickles.  See below and link for more: The […]

Anti cuts protest march has 250,000  in London.   That’s the headline in the news. I remember both joining and leading protests of various forms in the past. For this subject, at this time however, I’m confused.  My question is: What’s the alternative? Is it better to get private sector thinking into public sector services?  Certainly there are salaries well […]