WLEP Conference with Annual Report

WLEP Annual Report hot off the press! The WLEP Annual Conference took place this morning at the Chateau Impney, Droitwich for 400 delegates from business of all sizes and sectors. Hosted by BBC Midlands Today’s main presenter, Mary Rhodes, high calibre speakers and experts offered their contributions through interactive facilitated discussions, presentations and speeches as well as keynote speeches delivered by Secretary of […]

Video of Naked Chicks 2016

It’s still early and a little cold but Jemima has done herself proud again.  These little balls of yellow fluff now 4 days old are bouncing around healthy and bright.

Herefoodshire Apple Juice and Apple Crisps

Friday feasting at the naked creative this week sees the return of a great client with an amazing product.   Heritage Apple & Pear Juice, Laxstones Fortune Apple Juice and Apple Crisps are all products from Orchard Crisps, The Old Rectory, Putley. Making a “crisp” crisp from apples isn’t easy.  Get it right though and the texture and flavour combination […]

Introducing Rose Quartz and Serenity - Pantone® Colour of the Year 2016

ROSE QUARTZ & SERENITY PANTONE 13-1520 & PANTONE 15-3919 A softer take on color for 2016: For the first time, the blending of two shades – Rose Quartz and Serenity are chosen as the PANTONE Color of the Year As consumers seek mindfulness and well-being as an antidote to modern day stresses, welcoming colors that psychologically fulfill our yearning for […]

Bring out the Branston... Beanz Meanz Heinz..HP, they're the Beans for me!

Every sector has it’s market leader, then there are challengers – price being a major battleground. It’s not always just price though. The support for brands such as HP (in sauce) or Heinz in beans is huge. People even use it to define themselves – “I’ll only eat Heinz Beans”. Well, here’s the news; There are alternatives. In beans, HP […]

Bank of England in Hereford Cathedral

Another great morning with Graeme Chaplin, Regional Agent for the Bank of England.  We are really lucky to have had Graeme join us for an annual business breakfast for the last 3 years.  His presentation and insights on the economy make it easily the best business breakfast of the year. Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce Herefordshire and Worcestershire and Glyn […]

Amazing photos of Pluto – signs of life!

With NASA’s successful New Horizons mission sending back images of Pluto, amazing new images have come to light.  Using the naked creative 1000mm lens pointed roughly in the right direction and then images digitally optimised, the pictures appear to show signs of life.  Naturally the images had to be shot at night and so they are a little dark but […]

Philip Round retires from HGTA a happy, contented man.

It was a pleasure today to join so many Herefordshire and Worcestershire businesses in saying farewell and thanks to Philip Round.  Phil has made a huge difference to young people across the two counties. Although apprenticeships are more widely promoted now and many providers have come into the market, HGTA have remained as the premium deliverer of apprenticeships.  This recognised […]

A message for Business Start Ups in Hereford, Worcester and Gloucestershire - Vision, creativity, determination & success.

An amazing insite watching the European Space Agency teams emotion at this weeks successful landing.  To remotely land a craft, that has been travelling with it’s carrier ship for 10 years on a comet with little to no atmosphere is an incredible achievement and one to be celebrated.  Let’s not forget, on the way it’s already performed two asteroid flyby […]

Bank of England Selfie - Golden Graham/Graemes

When you have the best speaker around and a selfie stick, it would be wrong to miss the opportunity.  Herefordshire hosted the Regional Agent for the Bank of England with dinner last night and breakfast this morning.  Graeme was on great form again – thankfully no need to field any questions on sporans or haggis with Scotland saying No.  (Braveheart […]