Way hay! It's the schools out summer playlist from the naked creative!!

Summer’s officially arrived, schools out and it’s time to get your picnic, ice packs, drinks and tunes.  To help here’s the schools out summer playlist.  We’ll add to it during the coming weeks, so check in and turn up the volume.  Any tracks you would like added for the long hot summer, just get in touch.

"Thank Freddo It's Friday"

Thank Freddo it’s Friday in the office today with the naked creative.  The fridge is at capacity, the fans are running, the doors are open, all to welcome clients to fiery hot Fownhope.  If you’re nearby frop along in for the classic bitesize choctastic treat that is fantastic, fabulous Freddo fresh from the fridge.

Thank AERO it's Friday! Happy pre-weekend to Herefordshire and beyond

With this weekend seeing the fantastic Linton Music Festival, Kington Festival and the first test for the British and Irish Lions too, it’s a happy weekend ahead.  Design clients visiting this Friday (again) included True Colours Education.  Remember you have to be in the room to taste the chocolate…. Thank AERO it’s Friday!

True Colours meet the naked creative @ "The Inferno" in Fownhope

Great to see the lovely Dawn Harwood Founder and Principle of True Colours Education.  Deborah of the naked creative was the winner of True Colours Education’s Facebook competition from last week.  The prize, a hardback copy of the new Dan Brown thriller “Inferno” was kindly delivered by Dawn earlier this week.  Speed read as DB books are, with current workload […]

Got the chocotastic feeling?  It's KitKat Chunky Friday...

Happy Friday from the naked creative.  Great to see our friend Donna from the Hereford Times, top local photographer David Griffiths and a little later our friends from Heineken.  All scheduling meetings at the naked creative to coincide with the chocotastic Friday Feeling, today brought by KitKat Chunky!!!  Happy weekend – and hungry weekend to all of you on a […]

Naked chicks - week three - Are you sitting comfortably...?

Following the difficult start, Jemima’s brood of naked chicks are all doing well with feathers developing well and wings and tails all changing the little fluff balls into feathered chicks.  Every bird likes a comfy perch, as you can see, the naked chicks are no different.

Richard Sanders is the return of the Rock Naked DJ

The return of the Naked DJ sees a playlist from guest Naked DJ Richard Sanders. Richard playlist starts with subtlety but then roars through a wide selection of classic rock tracks ending with Iron Maiden and Hallowed Be Thy Name. Please make your suggestions now either through Facebook or mail nakeddj@thenakedcreative.co.uk or give a ring on 01432 860666. Listen to […]

Discover Penzance this Summer – pirates, beaches and mead?  A vsit to Penzance is essential if you are holidaying in Cornwall and haven’t been before.  See the visit Penzance video HERE… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Kuj25qGFTk