Chamber update

Hereford Futures to Close in the City with Herefordshire Council cutting funding

HEREFORDSHIRE Council is cutting its funding for Hereford Futures with the company’s offices in the city centre to close at the end of next month. The council confirmed this afternoon (Thurs) that Futures would have its funding for the current financial year halved. CEO Jonathan Bretherton will stay on until next spring to oversee the completion of the Old Market […]

“You’ve built your business, now build your own FREE website” – says the advert. Please, if you’re not serious about developing your website and online strategy to grow your business, listen to the advert and do as they suggest.  Developing a website for your business will require investment on your part in both time and money, while we ensure it’s […]

Design agency life in Herefordshire - it's not all a picnic

The design team’s been challenged this week with a number of time critical client deadlines but has achieved on every brief & always delivering with a smile. It’s not all a picnic though – sometimes it’s a thank Flake it’s Friday sort of day…

Happy St Georges Day!!

Happy St Georges Day to dragon slayers everywhere.  Read all about our flag waver St George here St George 

"Thank Crunchie" it's Friday!

We love Friday – so much so that we love sharing Fridays with our clients.  With the cupboards stocked today it’s “Thank Crunchie” it’s Friday.  Every client in today (medical conditions allowing) is in for a special Crunchie treat.

Fabulous Entertainment in Cornwall at the Minack Theatre

If you’ve not been to the Minack Theatre you’ve missed out on one of Cornwalls gems.This should make you want to go even more. Click for your video tour of the Minack Theatre Cornwall From the vision of it’s creator, all those that have worked on it, right through to it’s supporters today and the players that visit.  This is […]

Easter playlist from the Naked DJ

It’s big chocolate covered spiritual love from the Naked DJ this week x x x The playlist for Easter is a seasonal special from the Naked DJ with a selection of favourites since Christmas and of course a nod towards an Easter theme. Have a peaceful Easter and listen along with the Naked DJ when you get a chance this […]

Is An Incubator Right For Your Start-up?

Some have ulterior motives. Some have money problems. Here’s what to watch out  for: You have an idea, but you aren’t sure how to get started. Join an incubator, you think. Imagine the upsides: Incubators are often an open, inspiring environment filled with like-minded people working on innovative ideas and approaches. The constant potential for a cross-pollination of ideas is […]

Guest Naked DJ Mike Atkin playlist online now!

There will be tears at bedtime over the tracks that were left out for this weeks playlist selected by Guest Naked DJ Mike Atkin.  Mikes chosen tracks are themed around female classics – either in the title, as subject or singer.  Listen online now at the naked creative.  Thanks to Mike for an entertaining week!

Guest Naked DJ playlist this week - Mike Atkin

This week we have a guest Naked DJ in the form of Mike Atkin of MJA Associates.  Mike has selected the theme of “Female Classics”.  Known for his knowledge of both females and classics this was probably an obvious choice for Mike.  the naked creative are proud to have secured Mike for his first set since the “spinning doors of […]