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Herefordshire Takes Getmapping Vertical, and Oblique Imagery plus Elevation Data

Hartley Wintney, October 25, 2011 – Herefordshire Council has purchased a package of geo-spatial data from Getmapping. The package includes the latest 12.5cm resolution imagery of the whole county (2,400 sq km) plus 10cm resolution and oblique imagery for Hereford itself. This is complemented by Getmapping’s Digital Surface (DSM) and Digital Terrain Models (DTM) of the county, derived from the […]

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the feast St Crispin and Crispianus.  We always look forward to this feast day on the 25th October as we celebrate (with chocolate) the victory at Agincourt of the English few.  Tomorrow will be no different with a number of client meetings already booked, mainly for chocolate.  Please drop in and join the celebrations. Note the brothers […]

IE Developments is driven by Tim Evans (Managing Director & Owner) and Stuart Speight (Director), they both have a shared vision of high quality, innovative homes and they both strive to perfect their developments building on previous successes.  They are both technically minded and have a strong passion for each individual project, literally specifying every nut, bolt and screw that […]