Creative review

IE Developments is driven by Tim Evans (Managing Director & Owner) and Stuart Speight (Director), they both have a shared vision of high quality, innovative homes and they both strive to perfect their developments building on previous successes.  They are both technically minded and have a strong passion for each individual project, literally specifying every nut, bolt and screw that […]

The glorious half man, half machine that is Brett Mason gets married on Saturday 18th June. Brett has had a fantastic couple of years delivering some outstanding design projects at the naked creative and we all wish him every happiness in his new website, sorry… wedded bliss.

The new site for the Customer Strategy Network is now on-line at  I’m really pleased to be a member of the customer strategy network sharing space with Mike Atkin, Bill Hanifin, Graeme Thomson and Richard Philips amongst others. Members of this group have experience across all verticals and have been involved in virtually every significant loyalty programme since the […]

Anti cuts protest march has 250,000  in London.   That’s the headline in the news. I remember both joining and leading protests of various forms in the past. For this subject, at this time however, I’m confused.  My question is: What’s the alternative? Is it better to get private sector thinking into public sector services?  Certainly there are salaries well […]

Last weekend I had the honour of joint hosting the Captains of Industry Dinner with The Right Worshipful Mayor of Hereford, Anna Toon. The Town Hall is a splendid building and some would argue under-used. From a reception in the Mayors parlour through to dinner in the City Council Chamber the whole evening was a delight. There were a number […]

The lesson of this week is a simple one.  When it comes to web development and CMS (content management systems) a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. A client site that has been performing well recently had a new member of staff trained on content management.  The idea was simple.  Let’s get some updated content and greater recency of information […]