Confidentiality Agreement Jcu

The FCA found that the confidentiality instructions provided by the JCU in connection with the JCU Enterprise Agreement or, alternatively, the JCU`s Common Law Right, warranted appropriate and legitimate instructions. As a result, neither censorship nor termination violated the JCU Enterprise agreement. Click here for an example of a confidentiality agreement. The academic was a professor employed at James Cook University (JCU) for more than 27 years. In 2018, the academic was dismissed by the JCU for gross misconduct, preceded by a series of confidentiality instructions and two JCU notes concerning the alleged violations of the JCU code of conduct by the scientist. The academic claimed in public comments and interviews during the investigation into his serious misconduct that his freedom of mind was violated and that the complaint against him was made because of his scientific views. The academic had been ordered by the JCU to keep the issues to be examined confidential. During the course of the investigation, however, he made a series of comments to The Australian, on the Internet and in a pamphlet distributed on campus, claiming that JCU had taken disciplinary action against him because of his scientific views. In total, the JCU`s investigations revealed 17 findings of violation of the JCU code of conduct against the academic, which would amount to gross misconduct. The results were that the academic had denigrated a colleague of the university JCU, decried, encroached on the disciplinary procedure and had violated confidentiality.

In 2016-17, we fought for an additional 2% in our enterprise agreement between 2020 and 2021, because we realized that what management asked for for the first three years of the agreement would not keep up with the cost of living. Further questions about confidentiality agreements should be addressed to If research data is to be protected, it is important to draw the attention of all project stakeholders to the fact and to put in place procedures to ensure that there are no leaks. In such cases, confidentiality or confidentiality agreements are entered into. Union members are concerned that the effects of the amendment extend six months after the EA expires and the amendment expires. Management could insist that the December 2021 deferred increase be considered part of the next agreement in order to make the 2% loss effectively sustainable. The academician`s conduct in deliberately disclosing information about the disciplinary procedure, despite confidentiality instructions, shows a “willingness not to obey him to the legitimate and reasonable instructions given by his employer” which “destroy the confidence necessary for the sustainability of the working relationship”.

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