design for web

the naked creative has been leading Herefordshires web development since 2002, here’s why…

Strategic Support
We are a strategic communications agency.  Our understanding of your business, market conditions and objectives will make a real difference to what you do and how you do it online.
This value added strategic support is not available in one dimensional web agencies.

Graphic Design
Our approach to design for web is not based on a template approach like so many web agencies.  If you take time to check out our work you will see a common theme – variety.  This is because every site is designed to meet the specific needs of the site and the client.  We do what’s right, not what’s easy.

Site Development
We develop all our client sites in open source software, why?  Because it is without doubt what’s best for our clients.  There are no on-going costs for client sites.  Once developed the site and all its content is yours to manage and develop as you choose.  Of course we offer a managed solution to support clients as well as search engine optimisation but these are optional not obligatory. 
Our message: even if you don’t use the naked creative, make sure you specify open source or you will regret it later.

Cost savings mean that development costs are typically 15% lower than comparable professionally designed sites.  You will without doubt be able to find cheaper but not better.

Ease of use is critical to ensure a site is regularly updated.  Our CMS is recognised as the most flexible, most easily understood platform available.  It really does give you complete control over every element, every page, every word, every picture and every news post in your site in an intuitive easy to use way.  That’s why it is the most widely used CMS system across the world with twice as many sites as the nearest competitor.

Training is easy and included.  If you have any concerns, be assured, if you can send an email or work in Word, you will be able to manage your website after 30mins training.  If you would like to take a tour and see for yourself how easy it is, please just get in touch.

Our message is a simple one –
“If you can find an agency that will work with you and your business giving strategic support, design your website from the bottom up and produce your site with an easy to use CMS system, no ongoing charges and a determination to work to a fixed budget until the project is complete, it’s probably called the naked creative.”

To enquire about design for web with the naked creative, please click here or call us on 01432 860666.