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An amazing insite watching the European Space Agency teams emotion at this weeks successful landing.  To remotely land a craft, that has been travelling with it’s carrier ship for 10 years on a comet with little to no atmosphere is an incredible achievement and one to be celebrated.  Let’s not forget, on the way it’s already performed two asteroid flyby […]

Bank of England Selfie - Golden Graham/Graemes

When you have the best speaker around and a selfie stick, it would be wrong to miss the opportunity.  Herefordshire hosted the Regional Agent for the Bank of England with dinner last night and breakfast this morning.  Graeme was on great form again – thankfully no need to field any questions on sporans or haggis with Scotland saying No.  (Braveheart […]

Naked Hogster - living in hope...

Junior hogster arrived on the lawn cold, wet and frankly a bit (un) fed up.  Warming on a bottle brought life back into the little body and now egg and cat food are going down well.  I think being held on his back when not eating and being threatened with the milk syringe may have had something to do with […]

Heartbleed bug - learn from this - help us to help you

Part of me doesn’t believe this is the first you will have heard of the Heartbleed bug.  Even if you have, some may not have understood the messages around the internet and in the news.  If you’re waiting for a simple instruction.  Here it is: CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS. While most of us when working from home have routers that will […]

Focus on: Efficient Energy Centre, Hereford - Open day Saturday April 12th

We are a family run business, Alun, Kate and Sophie Matthews, with over 27 years experience in Herefordshire in providing heating solutions, with the accreditations to prove the quality of our team. In a fast changing consumer market we keep our team of six fully trained in the very latest products and techniques as customers look for greener solutions. We […]

The best designers of signs and boards in Herefordshire... well yes actually

Of course it makes it easy when you have clients that are the best in their field.  IE Developments have been recognised with many awards.  The quality of the build and specification of their properties is something that every construction company should aspire to. If you want to see the highest quality build and low energy consumption anywhere in the […]

Following on from the naked creative Christmas Party this week we thought it was only fair to share with everyone the video made after the meal but before it all got out-of-hand.  Sadly, the footage with accounts department goose-stepping across the roof had to be cut as we couldn’t allow the HSE to see it.  We hope you enjoy the […]