Naked chicks

Video of Naked Chicks 2016

It’s still early and a little cold but Jemima has done herself proud again.  These little balls of yellow fluff now 4 days old are bouncing around healthy and bright.

Naked Hogster - living in hope...

Junior hogster arrived on the lawn cold, wet and frankly a bit (un) fed up.  Warming on a bottle brought life back into the little body and now egg and cat food are going down well.  I think being held on his back when not eating and being threatened with the milk syringe may have had something to do with […]

Naked chicks - week three - Are you sitting comfortably...?

Following the difficult start, Jemima’s brood of naked chicks are all doing well with feathers developing well and wings and tails all changing the little fluff balls into feathered chicks.  Every bird likes a comfy perch, as you can see, the naked chicks are no different.

Naked Chicks Week One - concerned of Herefordshire...

Half way through week one for the naked chicks and so far so good. This morning saw the delayed and traumatic arrival of Jemima’s 4th chick.  Arriving a full two days after the first, life was always going to be a challenge.  Throw into the mix “Baby Bird” having a 24 hour hatching and the challenge has beenn compounded.So far, […]