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Hereford University a reality!

Hereford will have a new university.  The difference this will make to the city and the county will be enormous. the naked creative along with 99 other businesses and individuals formed the core Founder Partners – the vision is now set to come to reality. The Government have today announced the commitment of up to £15m funding. With the brain […]

Bank of England in Hereford Cathedral

Another great morning with Graeme Chaplin, Regional Agent for the Bank of England.  We are really lucky to have had Graeme join us for an annual business breakfast for the last 3 years.  His presentation and insights on the economy make it easily the best business breakfast of the year. Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce Herefordshire and Worcestershire and Glyn […]

A message for Business Start Ups in Hereford, Worcester and Gloucestershire - Vision, creativity, determination & success.

An amazing insite watching the European Space Agency teams emotion at this weeks successful landing.  To remotely land a craft, that has been travelling with it’s carrier ship for 10 years on a comet with little to no atmosphere is an incredible achievement and one to be celebrated.  Let’s not forget, on the way it’s already performed two asteroid flyby […]

Bank of England Selfie - Golden Graham/Graemes

When you have the best speaker around and a selfie stick, it would be wrong to miss the opportunity.  Herefordshire hosted the Regional Agent for the Bank of England with dinner last night and breakfast this morning.  Graeme was on great form again – thankfully no need to field any questions on sporans or haggis with Scotland saying No.  (Braveheart […]

Focus on: Efficient Energy Centre, Hereford - Open day Saturday April 12th

We are a family run business, Alun, Kate and Sophie Matthews, with over 27 years experience in Herefordshire in providing heating solutions, with the accreditations to prove the quality of our team. In a fast changing consumer market we keep our team of six fully trained in the very latest products and techniques as customers look for greener solutions. We […]