A message for Business Start Ups in Hereford, Worcester and Gloucestershire – Vision, creativity, determination & success.

An amazing insite watching the European Space Agency teams emotion at this weeks successful landing.  To remotely land a craft, that has been travelling with it’s carrier ship for 10 years on a comet with little to no atmosphere is an incredible achievement and one to be celebrated.  Let’s not forget, on the way it’s already performed two asteroid flyby missions and a Mars swing by.  Some of the facts of the mission can be seen on this site Rosetta

This all started with a vision but its success has relied on the creativity, willingness to collaborate and ultimately the determination of the team to see it through.  Over the 10 years it’s estimated that 2000 people have contributed in one way or another.  Also the budget has been considerably higher than the average Business Start Up in Hereford, Worcester and Gloucestershire.

Lots of missions fail, lots of businesses fail.  With the right team around you and the determination to succeed, your creativity and vision can lead to success.  What are you waiting for?  Call on 01432 860666 and build your mission control business start up team.