Bank of England Selfie – Golden Graham/Graemes

When you have the best speaker around and a selfie stick, it would be wrong to miss the opportunity.  Herefordshire hosted the Regional Agent for the Bank of England with dinner last night and breakfast this morning.  Graeme was on great form again – thankfully no need to field any questions on sporans or haggis with Scotland saying No.  (Braveheart always ends the same no matter how many times you watch it).

ODSCN8492ur business community took the opportunity to give feedback to Graeme – this contained in the report to the Monetary Policy Committee.  the Bank of England Website contains a massive amount of data and reports – it really is worth visiting.  Graeme though is a gifted economist and really shines at bringing to life the figures and reports.

So thanks to all the businesses that turned out and contributed, to Glyn Morgan and the Perpetual Trust for hosting this morning, to Mike Ashton and the Chamber of Commerce Herefordshire and Worcestershire and to Castle House for last night.  Mostly as always though thanks to Graeme Chaplin.  Here’s to next year!