Why Stanhope: Gloucester is closer than ever before to a new city centre

Paul James, leader of Gloucester City Council, on the bright future for Gloucester city centre:

So it is finally happening – we are signing a contract today with Stanhope Plc for them to deliver, in partnership with us, the £60million redevelopment of King’s Quarter.

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    Artist’s impression of King’s Quarter

There is, of course, a long way still to go on this journey.

This is the legal framework – or what has been colloquially termed our ‘marriage contract.’ Public consultation will take place, a planning application will need to be approved and the land package has to be put together before work can begin on the ground.

So we still need to be patient. It will probably take some time before the bulldozers move in.

This aside, we have never been as close as we are now to seeing the heart of our historic city transformed.

This shows our commitment to improving the city centre – something which residents viewed as a high priority in the recent City Vision consultation.

In Stanhope we have a company with 25 years worth of development experience and which has delivered more than £10billion worth of projects around the country.  Full Story Here

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