Heartbleed bug – learn from this – help us to help you

Heartbleed BugPart of me doesn’t believe this is the first you will have heard of the Heartbleed bug.  Even if you have, some may not have understood the messages around the internet and in the news.  If you’re waiting for a simple instruction.  Here it is: CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS.

While most of us when working from home have routers that will not be susceptible to the “hackers open door” that doesn’t mean that for many months your information, including passwords, hasn’t been actively harvested from other sites and sources around the net – including email data.

With all the major social sites putting their house in order, nows the time to help protect yourself.  Change your passwords now.  Do it systematically so as not to miss any sites or services out.  Choose strong passwords.  In future, change them frequently.

What’s the take away moment?

That’s easy.  No one takes security a seriously as they should.  The truth is Heartbleed could well turn out to be overestimated as a threat.  What I hope it does though is make everyone aware of potential vulnerability.  Everyone may then try just a bit harder with their own security considerations.

There are lots of us trying to help keep our colleagues safe.  Please help us to help you.

Interesting article here & the Heartbleed main site here
Note, Twitter claims that it has not been vulnerable but Yahoos Tumblr and Facebook like many have apparently put out patches.