Over 1 million visitors to The Hive in Worcester – libraries are vital but let’s be creative about design and function

Great to see the report on visitor numbers from the Hive in Worcester.  The ambition was clear – to make it somewhere that is relevant to people today / to make it somewhere that people actually want to spend time.

With so much on offer now both on and offline the traditional library is seen as a dinosaur. Somewhere people used to visit as children and is now no longer relevant.

I wouldn’t advocate £60million buildings everywhere but how about we look at the buildings we have, their offer and what people need or want in their lives.  The hive can not only help the million or so that have already visited, it can help libraries and visitor centres around the country to look at its offer and even if it’s on a modest scale, change for the better.

Better the library that really inspires, informs, educates and bring enjoyment to large numbers.